Lent 2019

This year we are joining with Boulton Lane Baptist Church for Lent as we spend some time examining our lives before God in the build up to Easter.  The link below gives dates, times and venues of our Family Pancake Party, Lent Course and Seder Meal.

Lent course paper advert

Some people find it helpful to give something up for Lent to remind them to reflect on their lives with God, others seek to do something positive each day for the same purpose.  The following is a calendar of 40 days with a simple idea for each of the 40 days of Lent along with some resources you will need:



To make your own calendar of 40 positive things to do or reflect on, on your own or with family and friends, here is a blank version to fill in:

40 days blank

We should take this season seriously, and expect God to help us reflect on and change our lives.  It is ok to have fun while doing this!


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