Month of abiding July 2019

Last year we tried doing a “month of abiding” in which a number of people helped others join in with things which give them life and help them abide with Christ.  Walking, worship jams, “daily bread”, “hammers and spanners”, ladies breakfast, film evening… many of those things have carried on in our pattern of church life along with things like “sacred space” which had been part of out church life for some time.  This we have the “massive fundraising concert” and “board games & pizza” to add to the mix.

In addition to this, there is an opportunity each week day to come and pray for an hour.  Each session has somebody who will lead and there is the option to use some set forms of prayer written in-house for this month.  So please come and pray:

Monday/Tuesday 7-8pm, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 9-10am

Want to come and pray alone or with others any other time?  Just let us know and we will make sure you can get into the prayer room.

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