I.S.L.S.D School of the Holy Spirit

A UK Roma bible school for potential leaders in the Roma churches, led by Roma people in their own language.  Eliza and Graham have joined Jozef Lukac on this exciting journey over the last year, here’s the background story to the first 10 students from Roma churches around the UK starting this 3 year course in September 2019:

In 2016  The Holy Spirit  gave Jozef Lukac the vision for ISLSD, when he was convicted by the Spirit that people could be transformed by the Word of God but that in order to  do so they needed  teaching to both hear the word of God AND interpret it correctly. Listening to preaching throughout the UK Roma churches he observed that a lot of bible teaching was not transformative precisely because interpretation was poor or even incorrect.  He himself felt compelled to seek out further study at bible college so that he could himself preach & teach wisely & was accepted at St Hild’s Bible College.  However it was here that he experienced for himself the difficulty of those from Roma background & language attempting to study the bible and theology in a foreign language & at a university standard.

So the vision was given to have a Roma bible and leadership training school, especially for those in UK Roma churches.  Whilst Jozef at first thought this vision was for some indeterminate time in the future, The Bishop of the Apostolic Church of Slovakia brought a word to Jozef to say that this was for NOW, not for the future.

2017 saw the first session with people attending from churches across three cities in the UK in one off taster session aimed at adults.  In 2018 The Spirit spoke again to Jozef about the necessity of also involving young Christians, the next generation of potential evangelists & church leaders.  In 2019 thus saw the vision expanded to include both youth & mature adults & gelled into the aim of ultimately providing a 3-year certified course, in Roma/Slovakian.

It aims to provide a firm foundation for those generally interested in learning more about bible interpretation, theology, ministry and mission, but particularly focussed at those exploring possible mission/ministry calling and probably already in some form of church leadership.  Therefore, the first year explores calling, the foundations of Christian leadership as well as key skills and character required.


Years 2 and 3 cover principles of bible interpretation, an introduction to ministry & mission, pastoral care & includes aspects of Old and New Testament theology.


Most of the teaching is on a Saturday once a month plus one week end away.

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