We are so very sorry to announce that we’re not going to be able to meet on Sundays for our worship service, or for other church mid-week events including the Dove project, our lent course, and Friends united in Jesus for a while. Recovery Project and Storehouse have also made the decision to stop meeting. We’re following the virus advice really closely and will reopen just as soon as we can. Don’t forget that church is us, not the building and we will find news ways to keep connected to God, and to support each other through this. Please keep an eye on your emails and be part of #OzzyFacebookCongregation from now on! Great news – we’re going to try and livestream our service on Sunday morning at 10:45am – who knows it might even start on time! Please keep in touch via phone, text, emails and Facebook. Watch out for more news about how we will find a new way to be and do church over the next few weeks.

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