LIVING ROOM WORSHIP Wed 3pm plus church meeting & Lent course catchup

Topic: Jones family living room worship.  Time: May 13, 2020 03:00 PM London

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Tuesday 28th April should have been our AGM.  We do not feel we can do justice to the occasion while on “lockdown” so we are postponing the AGM until we can meet together properly.  However we are holding an meeting on Tuesday to pray and share some important information about what we are doing during these times.  The link will go live automatically at 7.30pm.  Click [youtube] to interact with live chat.

Prayer together using the “live chat” to interact on Wednesday 15th April 7.30pm.  Click on [youtube] to be able to use the live chat:

Lent course from Wednesday 1st April.  You’ve missed the chance to interact with live chat, but why not watch it and post comments instead:

If you missed joining us for the Lent Course on Wednesday 25th March 7pm, here is the video.  You won’t be able to “chat” interactively but please do leave comments.  Click [youtube] rather than [  ] for full screen if you want to do this.


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