LIVE STREAM Sunday 31st May 10.45am & CATCH UP Sundays/Easter

Sunday 31st May PENTECOST 10.45am live stream will appear here.  “Doors open” from 10am, please us live chat to interact.   Click [youtube] when the link goes live to be able to do this.

Sunday 24th May 10.45am live stream.”Lockdown testimonies” based on Psalm 136.

Sunday 17th May 10.45am live stream service.

Sunday 10th May 10.45am live stream service.

Sunday 3rd May 10.45am live stream service on 1 Corinthians 12, the Body of Christ.  Also see the instructions for making hand, foot, eye, ear pictures, taking a photo and sending them to Graham…

Sunday 26th April 10.45am catch up with the service and best of chat here:  (Please note there is 45 minutes of images, music and chat on each of these videos before the service actually started !)

liSunday 19th April 10.45 service Will be live from 10.45am, service starting 10.55am (sorry!).  Click [youtube] to be able to interact using live chat:

Easter Sunday (12th April) 10.45am live service.  Catch up here:

Good Friday (10th April) 11am Communion Service.  Catch up with the service:

Easter Sunday 12th April 10.45am will appear here…


Sunday 5th April 10.45am to catch up.  Click [youtube] from the link so that you can join in with live “chat”:


Sunday 29th March live streamed worship, catch up with the talk an Ezekiel 47 (the river of God) or the whole service…

Whole service Sunday 29th March:

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