Slovakian Roma Ministry

Ozzy Road mission to Roma ‘villages’ in Slovakia

In August 2019 a group from Ozzy Road went returned to the Roma ‘villages’ (unfortunately a more accurate word would be ‘slums’) of Slovakia with some of our friends from Zoe Roma Church in Derby.  We were invited to help with worship, preaching, children’s ministry and praying in people’s homes in a number of villages.  Meanwhile half the team used the generous donations of sewing machines, equipment, material and glasses from people in Derby to teach some women how to make clothes as a first step towards a social enterprise which could meet their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.  It was a blessing and a challenge to share with our church family what we did and what we experienced, with the testimony that with God’s help we had done all that we set out to do.  We pray that we were a blessing as much as we were blessed by the amazing Roma people who welcomed us with huge hearts.

Please download and read Judy’s vision building on our mission trips, “Under our roof”:

Slovakia, ‘Under Our Roof’ October 2020

‘The latest news is; Good news! Good news!

£10,000 was needed to buy the building land for the Community Centre. The UK team from Folkestone have raised £8,500 given by a private donor in Australia. £1,500 is still needed to buy the land for the centre. The Folkestone team have been funding and building the wooden houses and wanted to join with us in building the centre. They have taken on the responsibility of buying the land, and with he help of villagers, clearing it and preparing the land for building, including the foundations.

Also, once the centre has been built, it looks as though we may be able to buy some land behind it to build the trade training workshops.’

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