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Family Groups from April 2018

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

From April 2018 we are planning to meet more often in Family Groups, and to expand the range of material available to include bible studies and reflections.

Bible Studies:

Abide Fruitful Creation Rest BS

Abide Fruitful Marks Gospel BS

Repent Believe BS

The Lords Prayer BS

Up In Out BS



The plan for Tuesday Family Groups, Prayer, Bible Studies and Church Meetings would then look like the following (with Part 2 of the New Testament Course running on Wednesdays from June 6th – July 18th):

April       10          Family Groups

17          Prayer & AGM

24         Family Groups

May        1             Family Groups

8            Family Groups

15          Prayer & Bible Study

22         Family Groups

29         HALF TERM

June      5            Family Groups

12         Family Groups

19         Prayer & Social

26        Family Groups

July        3           Prayer & Church Meeting

10         Social

17         Sacred Space @7pm

Simple guide to Family Groups: Family Groups guide April 2018

Ozzy Road Tuesdays program & Family Group prayer material Autumn 2016

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Click on the link to see the program for Ozzy Road Tuesdays this term.  Read it online, download or print.

Ozzy Road Tuesdays Sep to Dec 2016

Click on the link below for a prayer outline which you can read online, download or print.  The videos for Psalm 13 and Blessing our city can be played below.  Click [ ] to make it full screen.








Prayer in Family Groups Tuesday October 4th


Like instrumental in the background of the blessing our city prayer?  Here’s the song with lyrics (Your the God of our city):

Family Group material

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

For the family groups beginning in September 2015, here is some material on prayer to use in addition to eating together, sharing bread & wine, sharing and praying for each other.  There is a video and a process lasting an hour (including the 15 minute video) which you can use as much or as little of as you like.

Week 6 For use on December 15th 2015:

Prayer Course-Cheat Sheet–SpiritualWarfare-download

Week 5 For use on December 1st 2015:

Perception in Prayer-LearningtoListen-download

Week 4 For use on November 17th 2015:

PrayerCourse-Cheat Sheet–Dealing with Disappointment-download           (click on the link, use the material in a way that works for you)


Week3 For use on November 3rd 2015:

Prayer Course-Cheat Sheet–Intercession-download             (click on the link, use the material in a way that works for you)


Week2 For use on October 6th 2015:

PrayerCourse-Cheat+Sheet-Petition-download      (Click on the link, use the material in a way that works for you)

Week1 For use on September 22nd 2015:

Prayer Course-Cheat Sheet-Adoration-download      (click on the link)

Just for the first week, here is a shortened version.  Please use your common sense to make the session work for your group:

Prayer course session 1 short version      (click on the link)

Prayer songs music with Psalm 103 for use with Prayer course1 Adoration:

Ozzy Road Tues, coming soon!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

This terms program for Ozzy Road Tuesdays…

Ozzy Road Tuesdays SepDec2015   (click to read online as a pdf)

Ozzy Road Tuesdays SepDec2015   (click to download as a word document)